Option 1: Purchase the school model MacBook Air 13″

Purchase a MacBook Air 13” through the school’s two-installment program at a cost of $672.00 plus tax per installment ($1344.00 plus tax total). Installments will be collected in April and in August of 2017 through our Rectrac system. If a student purchases a laptop, they would receive the laptop at the beginning of the 17-18 school year and take it home with them each day. The cost of the device includes 3 years of warranty service with accidental damage, theft, and loss insurance coverage. Loaners will be provided to students while purchased computers are being serviced.

Included in the purchase: MacBook Air 13-inch – 256GB Flash Storage, 8GB SDRAM, 2.2GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i7, 3 years of warranty service with accidental damage, theft, and loss insurance coverage.

Option 2: Bring Your Own Laptop

Bring your own laptop to school with you daily. We know from our recent survey that students already have their own laptops or prefer a different model. If a student or parent feels more comfortable providing their own laptop, they can do this in lieu of purchasing/leasing through the school.To last 4 full years, the recommended specifications give you guidelines for bringing in your own device. If a student is not going to be in WHS for the full 4 years, an older model is acceptable as long as it is functional and has adequate battery life. Please be aware, however, that if students bring their own laptop they must have administrative rights so they can install the necessary software and configure the device as needed. If the laptop is damaged, loaners will be provided based on availability and students are responsible for the replacement/repair of the laptop within a reasonable time frame.

Option 3: School Use Only

Use the WHS laptops that will be available to be checked out during the school day. If a family does not purchase a laptop from the district or bring their own, we will provide existing school-owned laptops for students to use during the day in classes and then expect that they have their own device at home to use for work outside of school. Students using this option will be responsible for managing their data so they can access from school or home.

Option 4: Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance. If a family qualifies for free and reduced lunch through our schools they are eligible to use a school-owned laptop and take it home daily for the duration of the school year. Families participating in this option will need to fill in the Free and Reduced Lunch application as well as the Information Sharing Form found on our Wellesley Public Schools web site. This documentation is required on an annual basis for continuing to participate in this option.

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