(iPad Air 32GB WiFi or better)

Retail Cost

(iPad 9.7 5th Gen (not Pro) 32GB WiFi)*





Cover Case

$34.95 $34.95  


Carry Sleeve





$50.00 $50.00 $50.00


Repair/Replacement (2 incidents)



$197.00(3 yr AppleCare + $49 per incident)

Interest/Finance @ 3.9%


Tax @6.25%


$27.95 $3.13



$441.95 $458.15

Installments $114.54 Each

Apr 2017, Sept 2017, Sept 2018, Sept 2019



*Purchase price includes iPad 9.7 5th Gen (not Pro) 32GB WiFi, 1 Year Limited AppleCare Manufacturer’s warranty. WPS Purchase/Lease provides accidental damage coverage for 2 incidents during the 3 years. Families have the option of purchasing supplemental insurance for their device.

Purchase an iPad through the School District (iPad 9.7 5th Gen (not Pro) 32GB WiFi)

Parents purchase a device directly from the School Department. Upon payment, the student and family own the device, which would be delivered to the student already configured for use on the school network.

All warranty service is managed by the School District. The parents will be allowed 2 free incidents and then will be billed for full cost of repair or replacement for all additional incidents.

Use a Leased to Own iPad for an Annual Fee (iPad 9.7 5th Gen (not Pro) 32GB WiFi) – Available only for incoming 6th grade students (class of 2024) No longer available.

Under this option, the School District leases iPads and makes them available to students for use during the term of the School Department’s lease. The student has access to the iPad as if it were their own, and can take it home with them each day and over the summer, but title belongs to the leasing company during the term of the three-year lease.

Parents pay an annual user fee to the District, which is equivalent to the cost of leasing the iPad. The fees paid by parents will be used by the District to make payments to the leasing company. At the end of three years, when the District’s payment obligations to the leasing company are satisfied, parents can buy the device from the District for $1 (plus sales tax), or turn the iPad back into the school.

All warranty service is managed by the School District during the lease period. The parents will be allowed 2 free incidents and then will be billed for full cost of repair or replacement for all additional incidents during the lease period.

Since the iPad is the property of the leasing company during the term of the lease, students are not able to personalize the physical device (no stickers or markings).

Parents are expected to sign a Purchase and User Agreement with the District, and to fulfill the obligations of the Agreement, which includes making fee payments by the applicable deadlines.

Bring an iPad from Home (BYOD)

Students bring their own iPad to school. To ensure compatibility, the device must be an iPad Air 32GB WiFi or newer, and must be full-sized (not an iPad mini). The iPad Mini is not accepted as a device for the online state testing and other online assessments. Students who bring an iPad with cellular service will be required to use the devices without cellular service while at school.

Parents must agree to allow the District to install device management software on the iPad, which will allow the device to be used on the school network and to receive apps that are distributed. The iPad will receive a new image with a WPS profile which puts the device in management mode and restricts access to purchasing apps, receiving text messages and other items that could be distracting in class. The previous image will be reset by this new image.

Parents are responsible for maintaining and repairing their own device.

Parents are asked to pay a fee to cover the cost of the apps used by their student.

School Use Option (District Owned)

If a student/family does not want to participate by purchasing a device, using a leased iPad, or bringing a device from home, the District will allow the student to borrow a District-owned iPad.

The iPad remains the property of Wellesley Public Schools. It is expected that students have a compatible device at home for platform independent homework assignments. Students will be using cloud based tools for storage of work. If students require an app on the iPad for homework, teachers can sign a release for the student to take home the iPad to complete the assignment. Students are expected to bring the release to the tech center. Upon completion of the assignment, students are expected to return the iPad to the tech center in good working condition. Additionally, students will not be allowed to download apps onto the device, add personal data, such as music or photos.

Financial Assistance

Families in need of assistance should fill out the required financial aid documentation found at https://wellesleyps.org/students-families/financial-assistance-information/ (and this form is important so the Technology Department is notified – https://wellesleyps.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/Information-Sharing-Authorization-2017-2018.pdf) and contact the Business Office at 781-446-6200 for questions. If families qualify, an iPad will be provided for use during the year (including taking it home at night). The iPad would need to be returned in June and can be re-issued to your child in September for the new school year.

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