We are excited to extend our 1:1 Learning Initiative to Wellesley High School beginning next fall. The district has ensured that the necessary infrastructure is in place to support this move. Our teachers have been creating digital resources to support and enhance their classroom teaching including canvas course sites, lesson materials, and formative assessments to prepare them for college and career. With these resources, teachers are able to give quick assessments that inform their instruction and provide more timely and specific feedback to students. Educational research indicates that, when 1:1 initiatives are effectively planned and implemented they can have powerful effects on student learning. Implementation factors that are linked to successful programs include sound leadership and vision, sustainable funding strategies, ongoing program evaluation, and continuous professional development. Effective implementations can result in exciting outcomes like these:

We have seen some of these benefits immediately, while others are evolving over time, as teachers and students learn how to take full advantage of the powerful new educational tools available to them.