For information on a laptop that you can bring in from home, please view the Recommended Hardware Specifications for the BYOL option.

The Chromebook pilot is being expanded and loaner laptops are available anytime one is needed.

Purchase BYOL School Use
Buy From Us

Macbook Air 13-inch
(3 Year Warranty with
Accidental Damage)


Bring Your Own

Mac, Windows,
Chrome, and Linux

BYOL Specs

School Provided

School Owned Device
(Pick-up and Return)

*The purchase option is only available through June 19, 2018. After this date, please contact or 781-446-6210 ;5400 with any questions.

Financial Assistance

Students qualifying for Financial Assistance will be able to take a school-owned device home for the duration of the school year specific. Students qualifying for Financial Assistance that do not have internet access can check out a mobile hotspot on a monthly basis.

WHS BYOL Program PTSO Assistance

The Wellesley High School (WHS) PTSO strongly believes that all students should have access to a laptop computer for the BYOL program at the high school, regardless of economic circumstances. As a result, financial assistance for purchasing a laptop computer, for use by a WHS student, is made available to students who qualify through the centralized application process.

PTSO Assistance for WHS BYOL Program – Please view the linked document for details.

If you have any questions please send an email to

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