For iPads Purchased before the 2019-2020 School Year

This information is to help protect your investment and help assure the iPad stays in working condition through the end of 8th grade. You might be reading this information if your student has had one or two breaks at this time.

Reminder – As part of the 1:1 program, you are allowed two free incidents. After the first 2, we will review all 3 and determine if the last repair/replacement will be completed by us or families and what steps to take next.

Please have conversations with your child about their responsibility of taking care of the iPad and make sure they are aware that the schools will not repair the next incident. Below are some strategies and information that can help.

  • Ask how they pack and place the iPad in their school bookbag or carry the iPad to and from school?
    Some bookbags provide a unique slot with added protection. You might want to invest in one.
  • Do they still have a sleeve to carry with the iPad? Do they use the sleeve?
  • Please ask to take a look at the iPad and observe the condition.
    • The keyboard acts as a cover and should always be on the iPad
    • Does the iPad have any small hairline cracks?
    • What condition is the case?
  • Over the summer, we recommend placing the iPad in a safe place and don’t use or take the iPad on vacations or camps.
  • Apply a screen protector to the screen. (Please write to to get assistance on what specific model iPad they have)
  • Watch with your student a video created by the Friday Video Club about iPad tips.

If the case is broken or the keyboard is missing, we do offer the ability to purchase new ones through us. Please let us know if you are interested and we can help direct you.


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