globe-peopleGoals of ELE Program

The goals of the Wellesley Public Schools English Learner Education program are:

  • to evaluate and assess our English language learners needs and create a multiple skills based program based on those needs balanced with the content demands of the mainstream classes
  •  to support, enhance, and advance the ELL’s natural language acquisition through small group instruction with the ultimate goal of the ELL being able to participate meaningfully in the classroom and perform both in class and out of class work without modifications and/or accommodations .
  •  to continually monitor the progress of all ELLs: those currently being serviced as well as those having exited the ELL program
  • to provide training for and consultation with classroom and content teachers and other support staff concerning the unique support needed by ELL students
Name School Email
Anne Higgins Director
Jennifer Eramo Fiske
Jaymee Mannix Fiske
Karen Pekowitz Hardy
Jennifer Hannon WMS
Joni Magee WHS Rm 310, Hardy
Jenna Stacy WHS Rm 310