The following High School sports have been approved for the Spring season:

Spring Sports Begin: Monday, April 26

Please see the tentative schedules for the first day or two of Spring sports. Coaches will provide more information at the first session. Given the weather this time of year, all times and locations will be subject to change.  Please be in touch with coaches (emails linked above) for sport-specific information.  General questions may be sent to

  • Baseball – Coach Kane
    • Monday 26th – Grades 11+12 – 4:30-6pm;  Grades 9+10 – 6-7:30pm
    • Tuesday 27th – Grades 11+12 – 2:30-4pm;  Grades 9+10 – 4-5:30pm
  • Dance – Coach Cavallo
    • Monday 26th – 6-8pm in WHS Dance Studio for Auditions/Tryouts
  • Girls Golf – Coach Bateman
    • Monday 26th – Nehoiden after school – Time TBD
    • Tuesday 27th – Nehoiden at 6am or Wellesley Country Club at 3pm
  • Boys Lacrosse – Coach Connolly
    • Monday 26th – Grades 9+10 – 2:45-4:00pm (Sprague #2); Grades 11+12 – 3:30- 5:30pm (Sprague #3)
    • Tuesday 27th – Grades 9+10 – 2:45-4:00pm (Sprague #2); Grades 11+12 – 3:30- 5:30pm (Sprague #3)
  • Girls Lacrosse – Coach Balter
    • Monday 26th – Grades 9+10 – 2:30-4:00 (Stadium); Grades 11+12 – 4:15- 5:45pm (Stadium)
    • Tuesday 27th – Grades 9+10 – 2:30-4:00 (Stadium); Grades 11+12 – 4:15- 5:45pm (Stadium)
  • Softball – Coach Hunt
    • Monday 26th – 2:30-5pm at Lee Field
    • Tuesday 27th – 2:30-5pm at Lee Field
  • Boys Tennis – Coach Sabin
    • Monday 26th
      • Seniors & Juniors meet at Hunnewell Courts 3-4:30pm
        Sophomores meet at Middle School courts (Sprague Field) 3-4:30pm
        Freshmen meet at Hunnewell Courts 4:45-6:15pm
        Players should bring their own water, be wearing a mask and have an additional one as backup, and bring running shoes.
  • Girls Tennis – Coach Miller
    • Monday 26th – Grades 11+12 – 2:45-4:30pm; Grades 9+10 – 4:30-6pm
  • Boys Track – Coach Corda
    • Monday 26th – WHS Stadium bleachers at 2:45pm
  • Girls Track – Coach Griffith
    • Monday 26th – WHS Stadium bleachers at 2:45pm
  • Boys Volleyball – Coach Ardila
    • Monday 26th through Wednesday 28th – WHS Gymnasium
      • 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm, all new players, and Freshmen
      • 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm, all returning players
  • Unified Track – Coach Davis


Registration is open. Please submit your updated physical exams by Thursday April 15th.  You may submit a physical exam before you register.

  • Please register prior to Friday, April 16th in order to ensure you are eligible for the first session.
  • Information about registration can be found at this link on our website:
  • Be sure to submit an updated physical (valid for 13 months from date of exam) by April 15th.
  • Virtual/Telehealth physical exams will not be accepted. 

Important Health and Safety Information:

  • The athletic staff will work to ensure that all EEA, DESE, MIAA, BSC, and local modifications are followed on a daily basis; however, there is still risk involved.
  • Participation in Spring sports requires students to test weekly, wear a mask, distance, and follow many other sport-specific modifications in order to create a safer environment for all our students and staff.
  • If there is a positive Covid-19 case on one of our Wellesley teams, an opponent that we recently played, a game official, or another close contact that is part of one of our athletic events the Wellesley Department of Health and our school nursing staff will determine how we will proceed. By choosing to participate in athletics, your student may be required to quarantine. In some cases, this could mean that an entire team would be subject to quarantining.
  • Participation in the Weekly Covid-19 Testing provided by the District is required of all student-athletes.  Students who do not submit a weekly test will not be eligible for athletics until they submit a test the following week.  All student-athletes, whether they are in remote or hybrid schooling must participate in testing.
  • Students will complete a daily attestation of good health at each athletic session to help with attendance and contact tracing should it be needed.

Game Schedules: 

  • Schedules will be available online at and are updated regularly. This is the only place for our official schedules for all levels.  All sport schedules are being finalized and will be posted as soon as they are complete.  We anticipate many changes, so please check regularly or sign up for the automatic updates.
  • In coordination with the Bay State Conference, our contest schedules are built intentionally to limit community spread and ease any potential need for contact tracing.
  • There will be an MIAA Spring State Tournament which could extend into late June or the first week of July.
  • Expect the schedules to look different at all levels. We are glad to be providing an opportunity for our student athletes to play and compete together.

Sport Modifications:

Locker Rooms:

  • During remote schooling, students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower, clean clothes and equipment at the end of every workout.
  • During hybrid or in person schooling, only students who are physically in school that day will have access to the locker rooms prior to practices or contests.
    • There will be no use of lockers and the room will only be allowed for changing into athletic gear.
    • Students must take all of their belongings with them after they change as there will be no access to the rooms during or after practices or contests.
  • All social distancing and mask policies must be used while in the changing room area.  There should be no congregating in that area.  All student athletes must enter, change, and leave.

User Fee:


  • Rosters for away contests may be limited due to transportation safety modifications, COVID guidelines, or opposing facility restrictions.  Most buses can accommodate 24 passengers.

Virtual Cohort Participation:

  • All students whether they are remote, hybrid, or in person are eligible to participate in Wellesley High School athletics this season.

For the most up to date information follow @WellesleySports on Twitter

Information for Spring 2021 Season Beginning Monday, April 26th
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