Dear Members of the WPS Community:

We are very excited to transition to our hybrid model of learning tomorrow and Friday!  Our team has worked hard to ensure a safe return to in-person education and we look forward to welcoming our students to our buildings for the first time since March.

Each of our schools has shared specific information on the logistics for the next two days and I encourage you to review these communications and/or visit your school’s website for more information if you have questions.

Adhering to strict safety protocols as a community has allowed us to keep our number of new cases and positivity rates very low in Wellesley.  I am especially appreciative of our staff and community participation in our viral testing program over the past week.  We are still working through our vendors to ensure all families have received their test results today.  If you have not received an email notifying you that results are available or if you have any trouble accessing results for your student(s), please refer to the FAQs for COVID Baseline Testing.  At this point, we know that all samples have been tested with 1 positive case, which is good news. Please note that even if you have not received the result of your child’s COVID test, you can still send your student to school tomorrow or on Friday as long as he/she is not exhibiting any COVID symptoms.

Separately, late this afternoon we were also notified of two positive cases among our staff and we are in the process of conducting close contact tracing and following the specific protocols we have in place to address such a scenario. This will not affect our reopening plans for tomorrow.

As we move forward, it is critical that we not become complacent in our adherence to the simple steps we can all continue to take as a community to prevent a future outbreak.  Wearing masks, hand washing/sanitizing, and social distancing remain the most important practices we must continue to follow to maintain our positive trajectory.

Our partnership with parents is a critical component of the launch of in-person learning in WPS. It is important for our parents and guardians to provide our first line of defense each day by assessing your children’s health before sending them to school.  Our Nursing Department has put together a daily health assessment that we ask you to reference each morning.  If your child has any of the symptoms listed, please do not send them to school.

Despite all of our efforts, it is very likely that we will continue to deal with some level of positive cases after we reopen.  Our nursing website has a great deal of information on how the district will respond in these situations.  Additionally, the COVID-Situation flow chart provides an overview of the steps and timeline that will be followed in response to symptomatic individuals or those in close contact with someone who is symptomatic.

Thank you again for your support and let’s continue to work together to launch a safe start.


Dr. David Lussier
Superintendent of Schools

WPS Begins Hybrid Learning
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