Information on the B.E.A.T. Program:

In the spring of 2020, eight high school students in the METCO program were selected for an internship program called B.E.A.T.: Boston Education Activism Tour.

They researched in archives and libraries to uncover the history of activism for educational equality in Boston, including the founding of METCO itself. What would have been a walking tour of Boston is now ready to be presented virtually. Please watch this video as the group of students guide you through decades of untold history and introduce you to the brave organizers who envisioned a better world.

Information about our student who participated:

Samone Lumley is a Boston Senior in our Wellesley METCO program who was selected last Spring as an intern for this program. Her dedication, education and talents she brought to the B.E.A.T. (Boston Education Activism Tour) project has been exceptional.  We are proud of Samone and her peers for what they have been able to accomplish with this project in spite of the pandemic challenges. Congratulations!

WHS Senior, Samone Lumley – B.E.A.T. Program 2020
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