Dear Hunnewell,
It looks like there will be rain during the morning arrival. When the children begin arriving at 8:15, we are going to have them come in and line-up right outside their classroom doors. While we used to congregate in the gym on rainy and bitter cold mornings, it is extremely challenging for Mr. Pellegrini to get the gym floor cleaned before Ms. Duval begins class at 8:35 and we know that the children DO NOT want to miss one moment of PE class while Mr. Pellegrini wipes up puddles.
Teachers almost always have meetings right up until 8:30 and if not in a meeting, they are often preparing for the day ahead so their classroom doors will be closed until 8:30. We will have TAs in the hallway to help with traffic control, especially for our littlest ones. To minimize the congestion and chaos, it is recommended that you say good-bye to your kiddos at the front arch or the front door.
The weather looks grand for tomorrow night’s ice-cream social!

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Tomorrow Morning Rain
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