Good morning Hunnewell,
It was wonderful to welcome our kindergarteners to their first full day at Hunnewell. I am guessing they will sleep well this week.
This past weekend was action-packed at Hunnewell beginning with the Ice-Cream Social on Friday Night. The turnout was fabulous and the kiddos seemed to be enjoying the ice-cream with their friends and family. It sounds like the dad’s enjoyed their night out after the ice-cream social and the grounds look picture perfect after the volunteers worked on Saturday to put the finishing touches on the fall clean-up. Thank you to the many people who contributed to supporting our school community over the weekend.
Before we get too far into the school year, I want to remind everyone of a few procedures at arrival that will first and foremost keep everyone safe and secondly will keep the system moving efficiently now and when the bad weather arrives.

  • If parking on Cameron Street before the circular drive, be careful to keep a good distance from the fire hydrant and do not park in the crosswalk. Make sure you pull as closely to the car in front of you as you can so that we can accommodate more cars.
  • if you are dropping off your child in front of the school, pull your car forward to the circular drive exit so that multiple cars can pull-up behind you.
  • ALL children should exit the vehicles on the curbside!!! Parents should stay in the car. The staff and I can help children out of the car if necessary.
  • Have your child ready to exit the car safely and efficiently so that we do not hold up the rolling drop-off line. The kids should have their backpacks easily accessible.
  • Stay in line at drop-off. Pulling around the bus and the van when the red lights are flashing is against the law. Pulling around cars when the kids are exiting cars is dangerous! 
  • The circular driveway and parking lot are closed during morning arrival (8:05-8:45).

More detail about arrival and dismissal can be found on the Hunnewell web site. Thank you for helping us keep everyone safe, especially our children!!
Enjoy this beautiful weather!

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Safe Arrival at Hunnewell 9/16/15
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