Dear Hunnewell,For the safety of our students and staff, I am writing this email to remind everyone of the drop-off/pick-up and parking rules at Hunnewell. Please make sure that you share these rules with anyone who may be picking up your child/ren from Hunnewell. We will be closing the circular driveway from 8:10-8:45 in the morning and from 2:45-3:30 in the afternoon! 
From 8:10-8:45 and 2:45-3:30:

  • Do not pull into the circular driveway!!
  • Do not park in or drive through the staff parking lot!!
  • Do not park in crosswalks.
  • Do not block fire hydrants

In the morning after 8:15 am, the curbs between the two circular driveway entrances are a LIVE DROP-OFF ZONE. Please make sure your child/ren are ready to get out of the car when you come through the LIVE DROP-OFF ZONE to ease backing up traffic behind you! You are not allowed to leave your car for any reason. If your child is not ready to walk into school unattended or you need to leave the car for any other reason, please find another place to park and walk your child to the school.
During the Live Drop Off: 

  • Pull your car as far forward as you can to make room for cars behind you.
  • Pull your car completely to the curb before discharging your children.
  • Children should exit the car on the curb-side ONLY!!!

AFTERNOON PICK-UP:Between 2:50-3:20pm, the curbs between the two circular driveways are a NO STOPPING ZONE. Parking and waiting for your child to come out of school is prohibited. This is a BUS ONLY ZONE! The bus needs clear access to this area and when it has to maneuver around idling or parked cars, it creates a safety hazard and it disrupts traffic flow behind the bus.
Remember, you can help decrease traffic congestion at school by forming carpools and/or walking with neighbors. Parents with fourth and fifth graders are encouraged to drop-off and pick-up their children at a pre-designated meeting point off Cameron Street. This can promote independence and reduce congestion on Cameron Street.                                                                                                     
Cameron Street: Park along the playground fence or beyond the circular driveway area. Remember to pull as far forward as possible to make room for others. Parking is prohibited on the opposite side of the street to allow for emergency vehicle passage!! Parking is also not allowed in the private lots across from Hunnewell. You may be ticketed.
Cameron Street Town Lot: (Located beyond the school on the right)Each Hunnewell family receives two parking passes that allow for 30 minutes of parking in this lot. These are for the hourly spaces only. The pass must be displayed on the front dashboard.
Hampden Street:Parking is allowed on the north side, which is the side closest to Hunnewell. Parking is prohibited on the opposite side of the street to allow for emergency vehicle passage!!
Brook Street:Parking is allowed on the east side only (between Hampden Street and the Methodist Church). Avoid parking too close to the crosswalk as it makes it hard for children to see and be seen.Town Library Lot: Parking allowed only in the mornings until 9am.
Please abide by these guidelines for the safety of our children and staff. Our fifth grade leaders and staff will be directing cars to pull forward to the hand-held STOP sign. Please model safe driving habits for our children.Thank you,Ellen

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Drop-off Rules/Parking
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