Dear Hunnewell,

I am not sure how to even begin this email other than to say, “WOW! WOW!! WOW!!!”

We opened this morning with vocal performances by each grade level accompanied by musician, Antje Duvekot, lyrics written by students in collaboration with Ms. Duvekot. We will have to find a way to share the video because it truly was spectacular!! The lyrics captured everything Hunnewell values: community, inclusiveness, friendship, risk-taking….our CARE values. I offer a special thank you to Antje Duvekot for working with the students to create such beautiful music, Kate Rooservelt for organizing, and Katie Dexter for overseeing!!

Following the musical performance our third-grade Brownine troup turned up the heat with a skit that challenged all Hunnewellers to carry reusable water bottles! They will award a GOLDEN WATER BOTTLE to the class that arrives with the most reusable water bottles next Wednesday, May 4th! (Stay tuned for more information!!)

After our whole-school assembly, the children returned to their classrooms to begin building their cardboard creations!! It’s hard to put into words how special today was for the children and staff. The energy was electrifying and the commaraderie palpable. I visited every classroom and was blown away by the high-level of student engagement, resiliency, problem-solving, and pride! I witnessed the building of guitars, sports fields, time machines, automobiles, surfboards, bulletin boards, games, golden retrievers, and so much more!! I will be working on creating a movie to share with the students and staff and again, I will find a way to share it with you. Thank you to Peter Knapp, Katie Dexter, Lori Janiuk, the teachers, the support staff, and parent volunteers who made this day possible!! We had a FANTASTIC DAY at HUNNEWELL TODAY!! I also want to send a special thank you to the Bates Community for not only not inspiring us to engage in a DAY of PLAY, but providing their expertise on how to make this day happen!

Today was a great day for the children and staff at Hunnewell!! We are a great village!!



Hunnewell Celebration of the Arts and Creativity
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