Dear Hunnewell,

After 11 faithful years of service, Marci Murray, our lunch/recess monitor and administative assistant has resigned her position at Hunnewell. Marci has always given her best to support the students and staff at Hunnewell. It is not alwyas easy to monitor the unstructured times for children in a school. There is a constant struggle to balance the children wanting and needing to release energy while reminding them that there are expectations for behavior. Marci always tried to make sure the children enjoyed their lunch and recess.

In addition to monitoring the lunch/recess, Marci also supported the teachers, Amy and me with other administrative tasks. She willingly accepted any assignment and always looked to do more. She worked with Anne Whelan and Peter Knapp to display the students’ art work with care and pride.

Today will be Marci’s last day at Hunnewell. She will be missed by all of the Hunnewell staff and we sincerely thank her for all she did to support the Hunnewell community. When we have found someone able to fill these large shoes, I will be sure to let you know.

Enjoy your weekend!



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