Dear Hunnewell,

I have procastinated on writing this email because I do not want to face the reality of what I am about to share. Our beloved Toni Duval will be retiring from the Wellesley Public Schools and more specifically, our Hunnewell family, at the end of this school year.

Toni is a beloved member of our family and we all benefit from her love of children, her commitment to the CARE values, and her passion for teaching children the importance of physical and emotional health. When she is not leading your children in a physicl education class, she is monitoring the lunchroom, making sure we keep our staff room clean, supporting our safety protocols, checking-in with teachers and kids who need an extra boost of care, filming our assemblies and productions, overssing our Walk-to-School Program, supporting new initiatives (like she did with the BOKS program)….Quite honestly, I don’t knwo what we will do without her.

Toni has asked that you share her retirement with your children. She invites you to tell your children that they can talk to her about this and ask questions that they may have. It will take time for all of us to adjust to this news.



Toni Duval
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