Dear Hunnewell,

Congratulations to our Fifth Graders! They stole our hearts this morning united in song and in photographs. The Moving-On Cermeony was an incredibly special tribute to their time at Hunnewell. The morning opened with Camilla Mallick and Anne Horne bestowing two fabulous gifts to Hunnewell, a lectern for our performances and a large canvas with the silhoutette of a hawk containing images and words depicting Hunnewell traditions. The students then took to the stage to sing together in their final choral performance at Hunnewell under the direction of Katie Dexter. Each of the fifth grade teachers then called their students to the stage to recieve a rose. We all enjoyed the fifth grade video, which opened with photos of the class as kindergarteners and provided a retrospective of their years at Hunnewell. Finally the fifth grade students and Ms. Dexter surprised their parents with a final video celebrating their time at Hunnewell! It really was a spectacular ceremony and everyone enjoyed capping off the ceremony in the courtyard with refreshments and an opportunity to get family photos. The weather was picture perfect!

On behalf of the fifth grade teachers, parents, and students, I extend a heartfelt thank you to Camilla Mallick and Anne Horn for coordinating such generous gifts from the fifth grade to the school and arranging a beautiful reception for the students and families after the ceremony, not to mention organizing the yard signs, the fifth grade t-shirt and the fifth grade celebration! It was a Herculean effort and very much appreciated. We also thank Kelty White for sifting through 2,500 photos and producing a retrospective video of the Class of 2016’s time at Hunnewell. It was beautiful and captured the heart of these children. Finally Katie Dexter deserves high praise for year after year uniting the fifth grade class in song that brings smiles to faces and tears to the eyes! She also deserves special thanks for working with the fifth graders to produce a video that features staff and fifth graders in a celebration of Hunnewell!! Amy’s son, Brody, AKA the Hunnewell Hawk, also deserves a shout-out for coming over to Hunnewell with his drone and filming an aerial view of the playgorund and entrace to Hunnewell for the student video!

Just when the day couldn’t get any better the fifth graders took to the stage to entertain their parents and the third and fourth graders with their many talents. Whether announcing each performance or helping backstage, and/or performing, the students ran the show! The students showcased their individual talents on the piano, the saxophone, the drums, the violin, and the cello. We heard singing and watched dancing and performances:) Some of fifth graders shared the stage with older siblings and some shared it with classmates. It was a delightful afternoon!! Again, I thank Katie Dexter for organizing this show for the students and then entrusting them to run it singlehandedly!!

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be the last day of our 2015-16 school year. I look forward to seeing you at the end of our Clapping-Out Ceremony!

Enjoy yor evening.


Fifth Grade Celebrations
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