Dear Hunnewell,

We are in the final countdown! The 2016-17 school year officially begins in 14 hours. Larry and Tom have polished the entire building from head to toe, the teachers have readied their classrooms, the kindies have made their first official visit, and tonight we will all try and sleep as the excitement builds for opening day!  There is really no better place to be than in a school when the students pour into the hallways tomorrow morning full of anticipation, curiosity and excitement. The first day of any school year has to be one of THE BEST days in a year.

After a summer of reflection and planning, I am looking forward to collaborating with the Hunnewell teachers, staff, PTO, and School Council in order to focus on the district and school-based priorities set by Dr. Lussier. Social/emotional learning, creativity and tiered supports for students will be our focus areas and the Hunnewell team has already begun drafting our new 2016-19 School Improvement Plan, which will articulate WHY these priorities, HOW we will act on these priorities and WHAT we will do to make these focus areas tangible for our students and our school community. We are also excited to launch our World Language Program on September 26 for our K-2 students. In the interim, Ms. Toppelberg will be visiting classrooms and developing curriculum so that she is able to hit the ground running. I will be sure to share out more information on each of these exciting new opportunities for our students in the coming days and weeks. It promises to be a wonderful year and as always the home-school connection is critical to the success of our work!

On a final note, there a few nuts and bolts I need to address, so please keep reading for this important information.

  • The school day begins promptly at 8:30. If your student arrives after 8:35 you must walk your child into the building and sign them in. We ask this to guarantee your child’s safety. 
  • There is a new School Committee Building and Grounds Security Policy that prohibits dogs from school grounds, so please read Amy’s email regarding this policy as Dr. Lussier asked all principals to share this information with parents.
  • The town is not issuing parking passes for the town lot this year. The town is allowing parents to use those spots from 2:45-3:15 for pick-up only.

Thank you for attending to these important details. I so look forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning and I wish you all at least a good night’s rest if the sleep is hard to find.



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