Dear Fifth Grade Parents,

On Wednesday I held a town meeting with the 5th graders, our student leaders, to hear their thoughts on what the C.A.R.E. values should and do look like at Hunnewell and to introduce our 5th Grade Leadership Program. The students shared great insight into the C.A.R.E. values and provided some wonderful examples of how these values are alive and well even on DAY ONE. They had apparently all engaged in a challenging paper folding activity, which tested their effort, towards excellence and created an opportunity for them to support one another as a learning community. Furthermore, they had to accept the challenge and some accepted the help of a classmate. At next week’s all-school assembly, the fifth graders will enter the gymnasium last and I will introduce them as our new student leaders (a clap-in Simenon)!

As for the student leadership program, I have given each of the students a letter explaining the program and a form to be completed in order to participate. You may remember from last year seeing our fifth graders help in the car-line and at the morning mingle. Due to the success of these two programs, we will continue with those two opportunities again this year. The form also requires a parent signature and is due on Wednesday, September 7.

Thank you for giving us such a great group of student leaders!



5th Grade Leadership
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