Dear Hunnewell,

Two and a half weeks in and we are off to a great start. As we begin to settle in to the year ahead, I thought it a good time to highlight a few items that will help our arrival and dismissal run safely and smoothly.

Hunnewell is a busy place at arrival and dismissal. Please drive with extra caution!

Reminders for the “LIVE” drop-off line:

  • Pull as far forward as you can and make sure the children are ready to exit with backpacks in lap or nearby.

  • The children should exit on the curb side.

  • The driver should remain in the car.

  • After you drop the child/ren, please move out of the drop-off line. We can monitor the child’s arrival into the building.

  • Please do not pull around cars, unless you are waved forward.

Reminders for bikes and scooters:

  • Bikes and scooters must be walked on school property.

  • As the Brook Path is not ideal for scooters anymore with the new gravel path, I have noticed more scooters on the sidewalks. Please remind your child to be mindful of pedestrians.

Reminders for Dismissal:

  • Please send changes in dismissal in the morning! If you need to make a change later in the day, you can email Amy and the classroom teacher before 2:45. Teachers are rarely on email during the day, so cc’ing Amy ensures the child will get the change in dismissal. After 2:45, CALL Amy. She is usually out notifying students of changes after 2:45, so you may need to call back. If you leave a message, it will not be heard in time for the child to receive the message.

  • Fourth and fifth graders can only pick-up second and third graders.

One final note, the school day begins at 8:30. Please make sure to have your child ready to begin the day with their class.

Thank you,


Arrival and Dismissal
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