Dear Hunnewell,

For those of you celebrating Rosh Hashanah today, Happy New Year!! Happy October to all!! It was wonderful to see so many of you at last week’s Back to School Night and I have no doubt the classroom teachers had much to share about their first month with the students, as well as information on all that lies ahead.

I want to just give a quick recap of information I shared at the Back to School Night. First, our 2016-19 School Improvement Plan, which establishes our goals and guides our work over the next three years is in its final revision stage with the School Council and the staff. I will be sharing this document with the School Committee on October 18 and promise to share a copy of the document to all of you. I will work with the PTO Presidents to find a time to host a coffee to share the highlights. A second and equally important bit of information I shared is that moving forward we will no longer be allowing students to leave the classroom to call home for forgotten homework, sneakers, library books, snacks, etc. Not only does this phone call home interrupt your child’s learning and the hum of the classroom environment, we believe that the children need to experience these little setbacks, knowing that all will be okay at the end of the day. Perhaps a child will have to wear a pair of school-issued sneakers or miss a few minute of recess to make-up a forgotten assignment or not be able to check out a new book until the borrowed one is returned; however, they will survive to see a new day and most likely make sure they have their bags completely packed before they head out the door. Any system you can put in place at home to make sure your child is ready to go in the morning is much appreciated, including letting your child know about any change to the normal dismissal plan and making sure we receive that plan in writing. I also ask that you refrain from dropping off forgotten items, including lunch!! Your child has an account and if necessary, they can buy a lunch at school. We need your help in this endeavor. If you rescue your child, they will not feel the natural consequence of having forgotten something AND when Mrs. Mistrot, the hub of our system, needs to step away from her desk to deliver forgotten items, our system loses electricity. Please don’t let that happen:)

In closing, it is an honor to work with a team dedicated to providing the best educational experience for the children of Hunnewell! Thank you for supporting us in our work!



Happy October!!
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