Dear Hunnewell,

Thank you to our Fourth Grade Junior Girl Scouts, our Golden Water Bottle Challenge is once again under way. For those of you new to Hunnewell, the Golden Water Bottle Challenge was developed to increase the number of reusable water bottles in order to decrease waste. On Walk to School Wednesdays, the teachers count the number of reusable water bottles brought to school and the class with the highest percentage of reusable bottles gets the Golden Water Bottle for the month. This months winner is Cecily D’Esopo’s class with 91%. Way to go 3D!!

On another note, the teachers and I continue to focus on Social Emotional Learning and the promotion of our C.A.R.E. values. As a result we have developed a new FYI form. The FYI form comes in two colors. When any one of us notice any student really acting on any one of the CARE values, we will complete an orange FYI form and send it home with your child. We have also developed a blue FYI form that will be used in case we find a child doing or saying something unexpected. On this FYI form, we will also share the logical consequence the child received as a result of his/her action. Note, we know kids make mistakes and we often re-enforce and remind children of our CARE values first, so if a blue FYI form comes home, it is most likely that we felt this was something we should let you know. This note will also come home with your child. In both cases, the classroom teacher will let you know through email that an FYI is coming home. If your child behaved in an unexpected manner, note that the logical consequence took place at school and we are not requiring any further action on your part other than for you to re-enforce or remind the child of our CARE values. If your child comes home with a positive FYI, please remind your child that s/he should feel proud for helping to ensure a positive and happy school culture! Good things happen here everyday and when they do, we want to share that good news with you!

Enjoy your weekend!!



Golden Water Bottle Challenge/ FYI Notes
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