Good evening all,

This morning was such fun for Hunnewell students and staff!! Hats off to Mrs. Cannon and Ms. Williams who showcased their commitment to Community and Effort, towards Excellence in costume design as Olympic swimmers in their blue balloon pool! The Hunnewell Halloween Parade is one of many special events that unite us in our commitment to celebrating childhood.

Tomorrow morning we will begin our candy drive for the B Fund. Please remember that this is not meant to be a drive to get rid of all exces candy. It is a drive to ask children to select five to ten pieces of candy to give specifically to the B Fund, which will in turn support Children’s Hospital.

As your child selects this candy to donate, please remind them of our commitment to our Community-at-large and the CARE values.

Thank you for supporting this effort.



PS…Remember that Ball in the House will be visitng Hunnewell on 11/2 and BLUE AND ORANGE are encouraged!!

Halloween/B Fund Drive
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