Dear Hunnewell,

Beginning tomorrow your child/ren will have an opportunity to participate in an Hour of Code during library. While technically this will only be a 45 minute window, every student will be introduced to coding this week. Roxanne Scott, library teacher, and Holly Holmes, library assistant, have already begun conversations with the students to prepare them for tomorrow and the BEST part is that the children will revisit this opportunity during a coding residency, generously provided by our PTO, in early April (more details to follow).

I extend a special thank you to parents, Sheila Rocchio, Julie Lee, and Lisa Collins for spearheading this initiative and to Roxanne Scott and Holly Holmes for previewing this work and guiding the students through this experience. I also thank Ruth Keyes, founder of Jr. Code, who has worked with us to provide such a rich and thoughtful opportunity for our students.

Stay tuned for more news on the Hour of Code during library tomorrow and our field trip on Wednesday to the Wellesley Public meet an NAO Robot!!



Hour of Code
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