Dear Hunnewell,

PLEASE REMEMBER that the Wellesley Free Library Parking Lot is NOT A PICK-UP location for the Hunnewell Community at the end of our school day. We all appreciate that the library accommodates our Hunnewell traffic in the morning before 8:30 am when the library is closed; however, we need to respect that the library employees need to not battle our traffic in their lot as they arrive for work.

The Director of the Library, Jamie Jurgensen, called me yesterday to share that the Hunnewell parents are blocking entrance, egress and parking in the lot with our idling and parked cars between 2:45 and 3:30 in the afternoon. Recently, one of the library trustees visited the library at the end of our school day and was quite upset by the number of Hunnewell cars in their space.

I have a call into Jamie Jurgensen to assure her that we appreciate all that the library does to support our entire Hunnewell community. The library also serves as one of our evacuation spaces in the event of an emergency. Wellesley Free Library is a GREAT NEIGHBOR! We must act in kind.

If you have been using the library lot as a pick-up destination, please make alternative arrangements. If this situation is not resolved, Ms. Jurgensen will need to request police presence in the lot. I hope that does not have to happen.



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