Dear Parents,

I am pained to report that a Hunnewell parent’s car, which contained three small children was hit by another parent car at dismissal today. This was only one of several egregious behaviors that occurred at dismissal. Other offenses included a Hunnewell parent driving the wrong way down Cameron Street, parents parking in the staff parking lot and between the circle, AND people continuing to park in the library lot.

While I understand that there was a light snow falling and people may have worried about running late, your child will not melt in the snow and we can keep kids here and safe if you are held up in traffic.

Our children’s safety needs to remain OUR TOP PRIORITY!

Please remember that the municipal lot is available for parking between 2:50 and 3:20. The library parking lot is NOT AN OPTION, nor is the small Dana Hall lot across the street! You may need to wait for a space in the municipal lot or for a space to open up on Cameron Street, which may require you to circle around the block. Please set a good example for your children by following our arrival and dismissal rules. I will ask the police department for their presence and consider a pick-up line if we cannot work together to secure our children’s safety.



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