Dear Hunnewell,

Yesterday, we shared an inspiring assembly to celebrate Metco’s 50th Anniversary and to launch our commitment to developing our cultural proficiency. Stay tuned for an upcoming edition of Hawk Talk that will explain in much greater detail yesterday’s program and how this assembly ties to our commitment to social emotional learning.

I do want to extend a few special thank yous, as many hands contributed to making the assembly so very special.

  • to Dawn Coren and Kate Roosevelt, parents of Dylan Coren, 3rd grade, and Timothy Churchill, 5th grade, who spent many hours helping me plan the assembly
  • to Seneca Wallace and Timothy Churchill, current fifth graders and Metco pals since kindergarten, who read a poem, Five Days, written by Nazaleem Smith, WHS Class of 1970 and Metco graduate. See poem below.
  • to ninth graders, Teddy Komjathy and Clarence Bly for sharing how they started their friendship at the “Hunnewell Popsicle Party” in kindergarten and how their friendship has grown stronger over the years despite the fact that Clarence lives in Boston and Teddy lives in Wellesley.
  • to Dawn Coren and Devin Ligon for leading the children in a “Stand Up if…” activity to help children identify similarities and differences they have with other students and teachers and at the end of the day, we are all One Hunnewell!
  • to Friends of Family Metco and Kalise Wornum, Metco Director, for presenting us with a Metco flag commemorating the 50th anniversary
  • to Katie Dexter and the students in 4P and 1B for leading us in a song, We Are in This World Together.
  • to our teachers and staff who have dedicated time to build strong communities in their classrooms and across the school building.
  • to our students who will be sharing their words on the importance of the Metco program on our new “communitree” in the front lobby.

As I shared above, stay tuned for more specifics in this month’s Hawk Talk.



“Five Days”

Riding for an education

Early morning light, riding,

Seeing my breath like cool blue smoke.

Bright colors falling, falling

Riding through Autumn,

Fire engine and train screams,

Left far, far behind.

Listen to the sounds of silence;

Quiet little houses nestled,

Behind forbidden oaks and gentle pines.

Riding through the seasons,

From dawn to dusk.

September to June,

Riding for an education.

Just to grow up to be me?

Boston to Wellesley.

Wellesley to Boston.

Riding for an education.

Metco 50th/DAY OF PLAY
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