Dear Hunnewell,

Today all of the students had a chance to meet with artist and illustrator EB Lewis. Mr. Lewis has illustrated over 70 children’s books and has been honored with the Corretta Scott King Award six times as well as the Caldecott Award. EB Lewis shared his life as a struggling young reader and trouble making student and shared his gratitude for his Uncle Bradley who turned his world around by believing in and challenging him. Uncle Bradley left behind his worn three children and picked-up, EB, Earl Bradley, every Saturday morning and drove him to an art class at Temple University where he learned to draw and paint. He recalls those days fondly as he recounts, “I found my tribe.” He went to college at Temple University and graduated with 3.94 average. He was a talented watercolor artist before his agent convinced him to work as an illustrator. All nine of the major publishing houses contracted his talent.

He spoke to the children about finding their passion and working towards that passion with perseverance and patience. I have purchased one of his signed and numbered prints for the halls of Hunnewell from one of my favorite books, The Other Side written by Jacqueline Woodson. Once it is framed, I will be sure to find a perfect home for it.

If you want more information about this prolific and talented artistrator, who is also a model of grit and character, here is the link to his website.

Please ask your children about his visit!

Thank you to the PTO, specifically Tammy Battaglino and Roxanne Scott, who partnered to bring this fabulous program to our community.



Visit with Artistrator EB Lewis
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