April 10, 2017

Dear Parents,

At this time we are writing to inform you of the student placement process for students in grades K – 4. A great deal of time and consideration is given to achieving our goal, which is to make the best possible placement for every child at Hunnewell as we work to create balanced and heterogeneous classes.

Your child’s teacher will work with the other member/s of their grade level team, including special educators, the literacy and math specialists, and me to create effective instructional groups. The following factors will be considered: class size, boy/girl ratio, social relationships that work well in the classroom environment, individual learning characteristics, and any additional parent input that is provided.

If you have information to share relative to your child’s placement that is either new or that your child’s teacher may not be aware of, please complete the Placement Information Form and return it to the main office by Friday, April 28. Your comments should include specific information related to your child’s academic priorities and any social emotional considerations. If you want to suggest possible classmates, you must name at least five possibilities in order for your request to be considered. Please do not request an individual teacher or student, as we are unable to honor requests for a specific teacher or student.

Please do not feel that a Placement Information Form is needed for your child/ren; however, sharing new or unique information may lend a useful perspective to the placement process.



Placement Information Form ​​​​​​​

Class Placement 2017-18
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