Dear Hunnewell,

This morning we welcomed our incoming kindergarteners and their parents for the kindergarten screening. It is always a great day to meet new Ks, some of whom are brand new to us and others whom we have known since their infancy. After being here for four years, it is fun to say, I know so many of these faces already. As you can imagine, they are an adorable group and handled an impromptu fire drill at 9:10 with a great deal of poise and calm, which provides the perfect seguay to my next announcement/reminder.

Hunnewell Building and Grounds will be closed from 12:00-4:30 tomorrow afternoon for our administrative staff security training and protocol review. Please know that this training is an important component of our ongoing commitment to keep our children and staff safe in case of any emergency. New and verteran parents who were present during our fire drill this morning commented on how impressed they were with our chidren’s quick and quiet response to the drill. This would not be the case if the teachers did not practice these drills with our students. Thank you Hunnewell Teachers and Staff!!

Thank you,


Incoming Ks/Reminder about tomorrow
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