Dear Hunnewell,

This is perhaps one of the most challenging emails I have composed for the Hunnewell community and I do it with tears in my eyes. While I am going to deeply miss our beloved secretary, my right arm and good friend, Amy Mistrot, I am asking that you join me in CONGRATULATING Amy on her appointment to a new position, Accounting Coordinator for Student Services, in Wellesley Public Schools. I am truly happy for Amy as she is looking forward to continuing her learning as a professional. I know everyone who works in Central Office is excited to have someone of Amy’s caliber in this new and important role for the district. I am also extremely relieved that she will only be a phone call and a stone’s throw away. As you all know, Amy has been the bedrock of the Hunnewell community for the past seven years and I am eternally grateful for the support she has given me since my arrival at Hunnewell. We will all need to be patient and flexible as we transition to a new face in the front office. It will require some getting used to for sure.

Over the next several weeks, we will conduct a search for Amy’s replacement. Amy will be available to train our new school secretary, and as I mentioned earlier, we will all need to be patient and flexible as we get used to Hunnewell without Amy’s expertise and professionalism.

I know you will all join me in thanking Amy for all she has given to our school community. I have learned a great deal from her and will work to find someone who can fill her lasting legacy marked with warmth, integrity and trust.​​​​​​​



Nothing so constant as change
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