Dear Hunnewell,

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. The weather yesterday was spectacular, A TEN for sure!

Unfortunately, the weather looks like it is taking a turn for the worse tomorrow and Thursday. In the event that it is raining at arrival, the children will gather in our “cafegymatorium”.

Please take advantage of the drop-off line tomorrow. We will make sure your child/ren gets into the building safely and connected with their classmates and teacher. If you need to walk your child into the gym, please look for your child’s classroom designation (ex. 1C or KM along the wall), get your child settled and say your good-byes, as it is a tight fit to have 251 students, plus all of the grown-ups in this space.

The staff is on board to help. We have done this many times and are experts at moving children safely in the event of bad weather!

I recommend that you keep yourself dry and use the drop-off line!

Thank you,


Tomorrow’s Weather
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