Dear Hunnewell,

I want to remind eveyone that the playground equipment is closed before school. As it is often wet, the equipment is slippery and therefore unsafe. We also have a limited number of staff, so there is no one available to supervise this space. Please walk your child to the balcktop and if you are not accompanying your child, remind them to go directly to the blacktop.

In the afternoon, we are so fortunate to have our playground accessible to our students, families and the community. Unfortunately at the end of last spring and over the past coupple of weeks, I have heard that not all children are feeling safe on the playground after school. While I have no purview of the playground after school hours, I ask that you take a few minutes to impress upon your children the importance of sharing the space and observing our C.A.R.E. values, so that we can continue to see the playground filled with happy children.

Thank you,


Before/After School Plaground
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