Dear Hunnewell,

My number one priority as a school principal is to keep children safe throughout the day, including arrival and dismissal times.

Over the past few days a few issues have surfaced during our drop-off and pick-up windows that put our children’s physical safety at risk. I am asking that we work together to keep our children safe. One way we can insure our children’s safety is to follow the Parking Guidelines listed on the PTO web site and in the Insider’s Guide to Hunnewell. See below.

Additionally, I want to reiterate that the circle in front of the Hunnewell School is CLOSED between 8:15am and 3:15pm. If you are picking up your child in the middle of the day for an appointment or for any other reason, park along Cameron Street. Do not pull in through the circular driveway.

Secondly, the Dana Hall Parking Lot adjacent to the Cameron Street Crosswalk just before the Hunnewell Circular Driveway is not available to us.

Thirdly, you are allowed to park along the east side of Brook Street; however, you must be park AT LEAST TWO FULL CAR LENGTHS from the Brook Street Crosswalk so cars moving northbound can stay on the right side of the pedestrian crosswalk sign that sits in the center of the street. When cars are pulled right up to the crosswalk, cars cannot travel on the northbound side because there is no room to stay on the right side of the pedestrian crosswalk sign. Drivers are actually pulling into the southbound lane to get around the sign. This is incredibly dangerous. When you park AT LEAST TWO FULL CAR LENGTHS in front of the crosswalk, you also create visibility so that our children can be seen when they are crossing the street.

I encourage you to use the drop-off line. Our fifth graders will be helping to man this line beginning next week and we can get your children safely to Morning Mingle or directly into the building. Please make sure your children are ready to get out of the car and once your child is safely on the sidewalk, please move-on. If you are not ready to use the drop-off line, park your car and walk your child to Morning Mingle. The drop-off line is not a parking spot. It is important that the car line moves, as it is too dangerous to have cars pulling around parked cars.

The bottom line is that everyone has one minute to spare in the day to keep children safe!!

In conclusion, thank you for not using the Wellesley Public Library during arrival and dismissal. You ARE allowed to use the Cameron Street Lot between 8:15 and 8:45am and 2:45 and 3:45pm. This is a great option if you need to park. Town of Wellesley Deputy Director, Terry Connolly, is working with me to support the use of the Cameron Street Lot.

Resource Officer, Evan Rosenberg, will continue to work with me to monitor our arrival and dismissal procedures.

I ask that you help me by holding each other accountable for safe arrival and dismissal. We are a community that needs to work together to make sure our children arrive and depart Hunnewell safely. Model for our children how we take care of one another.

One final request, please share these guidelines and email with any caregiver who may be picking up or dropping off your child/ren.




The curb between the two circular driveways IS THE ONLY DESIGNATED LIVE DROPOFF ZONE! Make sure your child is ready to exit the vehicle promptly. If you need to park your car, see below.

  • Pull ahead as far as you can to make room for cars in line behind you.

  • Pull your car completely to the curb before discharging passengers.

  • Drivers MAY NOT get out of their car for any reason; this holds up traffic flow.

  • Children exit from the curb-side of the car ONLY.

  • Pulling around a car that is unloading students is prohibited!


The curbs between the two circular driveway entrances are a NO STOPPING ZONE from 2:45-3:30pm. This is a school bus zone ONLY. Sitting in your car and waiting for your child to come out of school is NOT OKAY. The bus needs clear access to this area and when it has to maneuver around idling or parked cars, it creates a safety hazard and holds up traffic flow behind the bus.

Remember, you can help decrease traffic congestion at school by forming carpools and/or walking with neighbors. Parents with fourth and fifth graders are encouraged to drop-off and pick-up their children at a pre-designated meeting point off Cameron Street. This can promote independence and reduce congestion on Cameron Street.


  • The library parking lot is off-limits at ALL TIMES for drop-off at and pick-up from Hunnewell.

  • The circular driveway is closed from 8:15AM – 3:15PM.

  • Crosswalks and fire hydrants must be kept clear at ALL TIMES.


Cameron Street: Park along the playground fence or beyond the circular driveway area. Parking is prohibited on the opposite side of the street to allow for emergency vehicle passage. Parking is also not allowed in the private lots across from Hunnewell. You may be ticketed.

Cameron Street Town Lot: Each Hunnewell family receives two parking passes allowing up to 30 minutes of parking in this lot. These are for the hourly spaces only. Display the pass on your front dashboard. Located beyond the school on the right.

Hampden Street: north side only (closest to Hunnewell).

Brook Street: east side only (between Amherst Road and the Methodist church). Avoid parking too close to the crosswalk as this makes it difficult for children to see and be seen.

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