I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing break with family and friends! I look forward to welcoming everyone back to the start of 2018 tomorrow morning! 

As we gear up for the remainder of our school year, I ask that we recommit to safe arrival and dismissals! Please make sure to follow our parking guidelines for arrival and dismissal. Remember parking at the Wellesley Free Library Parking Lot and in the Dana Hall Bardwell Lot is forbidden! I encourage you to use the drop-off line. Just make sure your children have hats and mittens on and backpacks in hand to expedite the car line. Please be patient and do not pull around stationary cars.

Although cold temperatures are expected throughout the week, we will try to get the children outside if possible, so make sure they come to school with appropriate winter gear!  

One last reminder, we have our walk-to-school, Penguin March, on Wednesday, which coincides with our Golden Water Bottle Challenge!

See you tomorrow morning.




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