Dear Hunnewell,

It’s hard to believe, but we are about to begin the second half of the year, so it is a good time to send a few reminders that will continue to foster a strong home-school connection.

Please remember to send your child to school with a healthy snack, such as an apple or a yogurt. We have noticed an increase in the proportion size of snacks, so please help your child pack something that can be eaten within a ten minute window. We have also noted an uptick in the number of students requesting snacks from the nurse. We simply cannot fund snacks for 10-20 students on a daily basis. 

Secondly, the school grounds are not staffed until 8:15 am. We have a number of students entering the building after 8:00 and wandering hallways. If your child wants to come to school before 8:15, they have to stay outside and should be accompanied by a parent or caregiver, as we have no one outside to guarantee their safety.

Lastly, we have a number of students who are leaving early on Friday afternoons. While I am not sure the exact nature of all these departures, I do feel compelled to say that when a number of students in a classroom leave throughout a Friday afternoon, there is a significant impact on learning for the all of the students. As children often work in partnerships and groups, when students have a partner leave mid-activity, the learning is completely interrupted. Teachers spend a great deal of time and energy planning the learning experiences for all children. It makes it challenging for them when they are constantly needing to revisit work that was taught to most students. While teachers are more than willing to work with students who are out sick or have other excused absences; however, authentic learning experiences cannot be replicated. Please make every effort to keep your children in school until 3:05 pm.

Thank you for your support!



Important Reminders

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