Dear Parents,

As we begin a new year, we continue our commitment to our C.A.R.E. values and One Hunnewell, where every member of our community feels welcome and included. Recently and over the next six months, the students, faculty, and families have had and will have opportunities to participate in several events that will recognize and celebrate our differences and common ground.

Wednesday morning the students and teachers participated in an all-school assembly celebrating our community. Our first graders performed “Community Helpers,” a play recognizing and appreciating the people that help us in our community, including the crossing guards, grocers, plumbers, firemen, dentists, librarians, recyclatarians, and mail persons. We also read What Makes Us Unique? by Dr. Jillian Roberts. Students named our common ground, we all go to Hunnewell, we are all have teachers that care about us, we all share the CARE values; and they shared our differences, we learn differently, we have different religions, we like different things.

Last night the PTO hosted its second International Night. Families shared food, music, crafts, and information from ten countries, including Greece, Korea, India, Taiwan, China, Iran, Brazil, Morrocco, Israel, and Russia. Over 160 passports were handed out to students who traveled between the countries. We also enjoyed several live performances. Our own Nalini Fiorillo and alumna, Sonali Fiorillo performed a beautiful Indian classical dance, and Christina and Alexandra Georgakis and Alexandra and Markella Pauli performed Greek dances. We also enjoyed Scottish bagpipes, Irish step dancing, and Spanish Flamenco dancing by guest performers. I extend special thanks go to Mish Michaels, Jill Maher, and Lesley Prowda for coordinating this spectacular event.

After these two incredible opportunities to celebrate our diversity and our commitment to ONE HUNNEWELL, we will now use a world map, hanging in our front entrance, to capture a visual model of the places, including cities, states, and countries that influence the many cultures represented in the Hunnewell community. In order to gather this information, we are asking you to complete the attached form and return it to your child’s classroom teacher by Friday, February 2nd.

Thank you for your participation.

Enjoy your weekend!



From Many Cultures…One Hunnewell 


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