Dear Hunnewell,

I am so thankful that this storm fizzled out and allowed us a full day, which will give us a full week of school! 

I am writing to remind everyone the imprtance of following the parking rules. I have recieved several complaints about people parking in front of our fire hydrant, in our staff parking lot before and after school, the Wellesley Free Library and across the street at Glen Grove Housing. The parking guidelines can be found on the Hunnewell web site. Please observe them.

One other issues I feel obligated to address on behalf of our students and staff is the number of early releases on Friday. I know there are rare occasions when children must be pulled for unique and special opportunities; however, the number of early releases on Fridays that occur on a weekly basis interrupts the flow of learning for your child and their classmates. We appreciate you making every effort to keep your child/ren is school until 3:05.



Parking at Hunnewell/Friday Releases

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