Dear Hunnewell,

On Wednesday, Boston Improv, entertained our first through fifth grade students with the art of improvisation. The show focused on the 4Cs (Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking and Creativity). If you are not familiar with improvisation, one of the key tenets of improv is, “Yes…and…”, in other words, the participants, work together and rely on the 4Cs to create the scene. 

Many students and teachers had the chance to participate in the show. A favorite act at both performances involved a ‘highly competitive’ fish feeding contest (1st/2nd grade) and a laundry folding contest (3rd-5th grade), which were commentated by our own Mr. Ligon and Mrs. McGrath, respectively. Another favorite act included children posing as bacon, in the famous ‘Museum of Bacon’. 

While the first through fifth graders were entertained by Boston Improv and each other, Leeny Del Seamonds, involved our kindergartners in interactive storytelling. Two of the the three stories were told in Spanish with English translation embedded throughout the story. Our Ks were thoroughly engaged and invited to verbally and kinesthetically participate in the story. 

Both performances were spectacular!! Thank you to the PTO for supporting the children’s access to creative arts, and specifically to Emily Cournoyer for coordinating!!

Hope you enjoy a great weekend!



Assembly: Boston Improv.

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