Dear Hunnewell,

As you know school safety is a priority for Hunnewell and the Wellesley Public Schools.  In addition to the many security features in our building that were added over the course of this year, we continue to collaborate with the Wellesley Police Department (WPD) and Wellesley Fire Department to improve our security through enhanced training for staff and students.  This fall, our staff participated in a simulated active-shooter drill facilitated by the WPD. Currently, we are preparing age-appropriate emergency drill for students that we are ready to implement.  

To prepare for this emergency drill,  each Kindergarten – Fifth grade class (PAWS students will not be participating in this drill) will view the attached presentation to discuss how we keep ourselves safe in and out of school.  We wear helmets, seat belts and participate in fire drills and bus evacuations. Teachers will discuss with their students what to do in the event of an emergency.   At times we will stay in our classrooms or leave the building as quickly as possible through the nearest exit. Students will hear that the drill is intended to help us know what to do and where to go if there is a “dangerous/unsafe situation” that requires us to leave our school immediately.   

The Hunnewell training will be organized in grade level bands.  This exercise is intended to help staff and students exit the building as quickly as possible and to find a safe place in the community where they will wait for help and support.  Staff have already been trained on the locations of these sites and will be there to guide students away from the building. The Wellesley Police Department will also be on hand to help facilitate the training.  During the training we will reassure students of the low probability that a stranger would come into school, but we want to be prepared with a solid plan and take the time to practice. 

I will be holding a morning coffee next Friday, May 11, at 8:30 in the music room for parents/guardians who would like to learn more about this drill and the language we will be using with the children to prepare them.  If you are unable to attend this coffee and have questions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.



Hunnewell Emergency Slides 

School Security/Safety Training

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