Dear Hunnewell,

Five years ago on the morning I began at Hunnewell, Mr. Pellegrini escorted me up to the storage room and showed me a time capsule that had been created by the Class of 1988 to be opened by the Class of 2018. Mr. Pellegrini has guarded that time capsule with his life, and yesterday we gathered as a school to open it. Fourth grader, Leo Ventimiglia, provided a drum role, as Ms. Haskell and Ms. Sullivan opened the box. We found a letter from the creators of the time capsule and some wonderful old photos and artifacts, including a Fun Fair poster advertising the event, which apparently used to be held on a Sunday. We also read 1988 lunch menu and the students wish they too, could have Italian Ice for dessert. Mrs. Scott and Ms. Dexter are creating a bulletin board to display the artifacts either in the front hallway or across from the gym. 

We have also decided to create a new time capsule for the Class of 1948. It will be filled on June 20th at our final assembly with Mr. Pellegrini serving as our Master of Ceremonies. Each class has been a category, such as school supplies, Hunnewell events, sports, etc. They are responsible for identifying and collecting artifacts. It will be exciting to see what each class puts together to be boxed up and stored for the next 30 years.

Hope you are enjoying this warm weather! We deserve every bit of it.



Time Capsule

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