Dear Hunnewell,

THE DAY OF PLAY is scheduled for WEDNESDAY, June 6. For any of you new to Hunnewell, this is a day dedicated to children building cardboard creations. The Day of Play was inspired by Caine’s Arcade.

The classroom teachers and Peter Knapp, the art teacher, introduce this project to the students. Mr. Knapp also provides each student with a planning sheet on which they can draw their idea and list the materials they will need. The teachers will send this sheet home so that they can continue to plan at home on their free time.  This year we are asking children to think about a problem at Hunnewell and then to design a solution (for example, recess balls get stuck on the roof/ we have no lockers). The children will have a couple of hours to complete the project on Wednesday morning. While encouraging your child’s independence on the idea, I encourage you to help your child design a manageable project. We expect that constructing their creations may result in some unanticipated challenges. We will have hands on deck to help the children troubleshoot.

On Wednesday, June 6th, please have your child bring in their cardboard. It must be able to fit underneath their arm and/or in a brown paper bag. Other recycled materials , buttons, bottle caps, old game pieces, etc, that are needed to enhance the project should also fit in the bag. Tape will be provided by the school and Mr. Knapp and Mr. Ligon will be on hand to help children cut any cardboard. One important final note, is that all projects must be taken home at the end of the day. I say this because this may impact the size of your child’s project.

Teachers will be reaching out for parent volunteers in the next week. This day brings great joy and excitement for our staff and students. I look forward to seeing our children harness their creativity!



Day of Play

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