Good afternoon Hunnewell,

Today your child practiced our new Emergency Drill. Prior to evacuating the building, the teachers shared the PowerPoint, attached at the bottom of this email, and fielded questions from the students. Every teacher had a second and sometimes a third adult to support with the discussion. “What do I do if I am in the bathroom?” was the most common question asked by students. We explained that if you are in the bathroom or in the hallway, you look for a trusted Hunnewell adult (recognizable with our Hunnewell badges) and follow the directions of that adult. The students all did an amazing job and after the drill transitioned right back into their normal school day. 

Tomorrow morning, members of the Wellesley Police Department will be here to support us as we run the actual drill at 8:45. I recommend you let your children take the lead on any discussion you have with them about this drill. I ask that you emphasize two key points with your child. The first, it is extremely unlikely that we would ever have to evacuate the building for any reason, especially for an unsafe person. Secondly, in any emergency, it is important for your child/ren to follow the directions of a trusted adult. It is important for children to know that our job is to keep them safe and we have a plan to do so. I have also attached an article that you may find helpful when discussing the Emergency Drill with your child/ren.

Thank you for supporting all we do to keep everyone safe in the event of an unlikely emergency.



Hunnewell Emergency Drill Powerpoint

Emergency Drill

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