Dear Hunnewell,

Hope you are enjoying your first full week of summer vacation! The building is so quiet, it is hard to believe that this time last week, we were gearing up for our final events, including the Fifth Grade Moving-On Ceremony and Reception, the Fifth Grade Talent Show, the Fifth Grade Clap-Out, our Yearbook Signing Party, and our Final All-School Assembly. Each of these events was spectacular, and I want to share a few “new” traditions we added to these hallmark events.

This year at our Fifth Grade Moving-On Ceremony, we took time to acknowledge the parents of fifth graders, who will no longer have a child attending Hunnewell. This year we said good-bye to Stacie and David Allen, Deb and Ed Berger, Beth and Todd Cook, Esperanza and Scott Dalzell, Beth and Charley Dublin, Bonnie Wen and Andrew Foland, Stephanie and Greg Gallico, Nikki and Simeon Greene, Cynthia and Oakes Hunnewell, Julie and Joseph Lee, Hongbo Yu and Hongbo Luo, Robin and Jon Reuter, Katie Sweetser, Myra and Karl Tucker, Andreina and Nick Vegas, Shelly and Jeff Ward, and Kelley and Andrew Wigren. We appreciate you sharing your children with us and thank you for all you have done to support our Hunnewell Community!

Secondly, we honored eight students, Louisa Cook (GR. 5), Tara Battaglino (GR. 4), Andrew Grosso (GR. 3), Audrey Tushman (GR. 3), Charlie Ahonen (GR 2), Cam Baldwin (GR.2) , Max Fukudome (GR. 2), and Kojo Sam (GR. 2) at our End-of-Year assembly for perfect attendance!! Their parents were invited to attend the event and each child received a Certificate of Accomplishment. For all of you hoping to join this elite group, “getting up early” was given as the number one reason for achieving this honor. We will be adding their names to a plaque that will hang in the halls of Hunnewell!

Finally, one event that was new to our end of the year festivities was when the whole school gathered on the back lawn in groups of 14-16 students to meet their Secret Pal. Everyone was so excited to meet his/her secret pal, and every teacher who facilitated these groups was so impressed with how kind and respectful everyone was when they met their secret pal. All secret pals were randomly selected, so secret pals crossed grade-levels, students and staff, and gender. While some had never met, some were actually friends, and even one set of twins matched to another set of twins, it was fabulous to see the entire community engaged in building an even stronger and closer-knit community.

As I think back on the 2018-19 school year, it was a GREAT year! I want to give a special thank you to PTO Co-Chairs,  Nikki Ofenloch and Megan Foley, who worked many long hours leading our very supportive parent community, Larry Pellegrini and Tom Gillespie, who keep our school in tip-top shape, to Dianne Croteau and Nancy Falb, who keep us as health as possible, to Kristyn Chin, who jumped on board as the ship was pulling away from the dock, and to all of the Hunnewell teachers and staff, who support each other and our students to create a caring and learning community for all of us.

I hope you enjoy long summer days with family and friends, reading good books, and enjoying the puzzles and games in our summer edition of the Hunnewell Hive! Please stop in if you are in the area! Friendly faces are always welcome!



Happy Summer!

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