Dear Hunnewell,

We are T-7 days until the start of the 2018-19 school year! The teachers, staff, and I look forward to welcoming you next Wednesday morning. Following the Hunnewell tradition, we invite you to drop your child at their classroom on the first day of school. The doors should open sometime around 8:30.

I also want to remind you that the Wellesley Free Library Parking Lot cannot be used as an ancillary drop-off or pick-up zone. Wellesley Library is a good neighbor, and in keeping with our C.A.R.E. values, we need to honor that the Wellesley Free Library Parking Lot is only for employees and customers who are visiting the library at that time.

We have made one other slight change to the morning routine. Many students and teachers claimed that they could not hear the announcements when they were outside, so we have moved them inside over our brand new intercom system. The fifth graders will still be making the announcements and they will happen promptly at 8:35 am.

With the exception of Kathleen Barrett, a teaching assistant who returned to school for an advanced degree, the Hunnewell staff is returning in total. Of course, we are also sad that our P.A.W.S. four year old classroom moved closer to their main facility at Fiske. I do have the pleasure of welcoming three new teaching assistants, Samantha Kennedy, Lauren DaSilva, and Stephanie Jones. If you are new to Hunnewell, morning mingle is a great time and place to make introductions.

I hope you all take time to enjoy this last week of summer vacation! I look forward to seeing all of you next week!



T-7 days and counting!

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