Dear Hunnewell,

Despite the crazy heat, we had an amazing start to the year! It was wonderful to see all of you.  

This year you will hear a lot about what we are doing to promote our CARE values and provide opportunities for social/emotional development and learning. 

One opportunity, we are capitalizing on is during our recess/lunch time where we have partnered our buddy classrooms, the students in grades 1 and 5, the students in grades 4 and 2, and the students in K and grade 3. We are asking our older students to be role models for our younger students, including inviting them to be the line leaders during the transition from recess to lunch.

In an effort to increase our vigilance around keeping the cafeteria clean, we have started “The Golden Spoon”. Each lunch period will be awarded a golden spoon when they have left their table tidy from minor spills, recycled, and quietly transitioned in and out of the cafeteria. When they earn 10 golden spoons as a group, they earn the right to one day of free seating. The students who heard about the plan today, who were our 4th and 5th graders, were excited by the open seating and inspired at the thought of inviting their buddy to eat with them.  The other children will learn about the plan tomorrow as they practice their lunch routines during the morning hours.

We want to foster connections across the building, and make sure that all children feel valued, respected, and included. Stay tuned for more updates on our All-School Meetings, Buddy Classrooms, Secret Pals, and Morning Meetings.

Tomorrow should be a tad cooler, and our first full day for our students in grades 1-5. I have one quick request for those of you who purchase school lunches. Last year, we had some students who wanted to order two lunches, an example of this might be ordering the hot lunch and the yogurt parfait. While we want the children to eat what they need, we just want to make sure that you are okay with your child ordering and purchasing two lunches. Anything you can do to clarify your expectations with your children is appreciated. 

We will work on the honor system, and if your child orders two lunches, we will put that through to our food service provider, Whitson’s. Please contact your child’s teacher if at any point there seems to be a disconnect between what you have discussed as a family and your bill from Whitson’s.

As always, we thank you for your support! We are very excited about the year ahead!



Opening Day-Updates in the Cafeteria

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