Dear Hunnewell,

Yesterday we had our first All-School Meeting. Our All-School Meetings will focus on our commitment to social emotional learning. The purpose of our first meeting was to let the children know that following our CARE values and school rules is expected at all times. We do, however, want to recognize and celebrate those moments when children go above and beyond to help a classmate, colleague or teacher or when they persevere through challenging work. 

Mr. Knapp has painted a huge blue hawk on the orange bulletin board leading up the ramp. When teachers notice a student going above and beyond expectations, they will give the child a hawk feather. The child will write his or her name on the feather and then it will be stapled to the hawk. At our All-School Meetings, we will recognize why students have earned a hawk feather. Yesterday we began decorating our hawk with feathers by recognizing our students with perfect attendance from last year, including Max Fukudome, Audrey Tushman, Tara Battaglino, Charlie Ahonen, Cam Baldwin, Andrew Grosso, Aaron Swingle and Kojo Sam. We also recognized Mr. Pellegrini and Mr. Gillespie for all of their hard work over the summer to get our building ready for the 2018-19 school year, and Mrs. Chin, our school secretary, for her continuous support of students, families and teachers.

When a child receives a hawk feather, the classroom teacher will notify you of this good news. 

Stay tuned for more information on our All-School Meetings!

On another note, teachers are being extra mindful of the heat today. They are running fans and reminding students to drink water.

I think we are all looking forward to tomorrow’s break from this heat and humidity.




All-School Meeting

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