Dear Hunnewell,

Yesterday at our All-School Meeting, we celebrated our summer reading! Over the past few weeks, Mrs. Scott has collected summer reading materials from the students. The PTO awards monies to classrooms with the highest level participation. This year 2C and 3M tied for third place with 75% participation. 1B came in second place with 77% participation, and coming in with 100% participation, 5H wins first place. These classroom teachers will receive a gift certificate from Wellesley Books to purchase books for their classroom libraries. We read a lot of books at Hunnewell, and there are always great new titles that we like to have. Thank you PTO for this generous donation!

I also want to celebrate the children who continue to read over the summer months. Any child who returns summer reading materials gets entered into a raffle with all of their classmates who participated in the summer reading challenge. One name is randomly selected from a hat and that child receives a 10$ gift certificate to Wellesley Books from Mrs. Scott, Mrs. Mortarelli, and me. Our lucky winners this year are Aitana Lopez-Raybuck (1B), Taylor Capitanio (1C), Signe-Sofia Neergard-Colon (2C), Daniel Medvinsky (2K), Max Fukudome (3D), Emmett Foley (3M), Lucy Kulka (4G), Alex Mitchell (4P), Henry Ofenloch (5H), and Nalini Fiorillo (5S). 

Congratulations to all of our winners! Happy Reading!!



P.S. It was great to see so many of you at Back-to-School Night! 

Summer Reading Celebration

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