Dear Hunnewell, 

I hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend! 

As I have shared in other notes, we are supporting the development of your child/ren’s Executive Function skills. This will be best achieved if we work on it at home and school.

It will be helpful if you develop a system with your child/ren that helps them be prepared school. Whether that happens the night before or the morning of, please make sure your child leaves your house with the items they need for school. Little one’s may need your help packing the backpack, older children may benefit from a checklist. The objective is the backpack is ready to go when they leave your house. Listed below are items we think make for a “ready” backpack:

  • homework completed (name and date at the top; questions or notes attached) and placed in the orange folder.

  • Hunnewell agendas for students in grades 3-5

  • lunch packed with any necessary utensils

  • appropriate outdoor clothing (boots, snow pants, coat, mittens, hat, during winter months)

  • sneakers for Health and Fitness

  • notes for change of dismissal

  • small, healthy snack (our preference would that it be in a separate container from lunch)

  • independent reading book 

If you are new to Hunnewell, you should know that we do not allow children to call home for any of the above items. While we do not have back-up snacks for children, all children can get a lunch. While it might not be a preferred lunch, it will serve the purpose of providing nourishment. The other forgotten items, will result in logical consequences, such a re-doing the homework, playing on the blacktop if you do not have boots or snow pants during the winter, waiting until the end of the day to clarify dismissal plans. We understand that your child may forget something, and we also believe your child will survive without any of these items for a day.  

I have also noted that a fair number of lunches or backpacks are being dropped off by parents over the course of the morning. While Kristyn and Dorrie do not mind making the occasional delivery, running 20-25 lunches to students interferes with their work and interrupts work happening in the classroom. We need your help to develop necessary Executive Function skills for your child/ren. 

As always, thank you for your support!


Developing Executive Function Skills

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