Dear Hunnewell,

This morning we practiced our Emergency Drill. As a reminder, this drill is practiced in the event we need to get out of the building in case of an emergency. For those of you new to Hunnewell, I have attached the slide presentation that your students reviewed with their classroom teacher prior to the drill.

When we introduced this new drill last year, we had each grade-level evacuate one at a time. This year, we ran the drill as a whole school, and the students evacuated from wherever they were at 10:00 this morning. We had some students in specials and others at recess. The students made it to their safety spots in less than 90 seconds. Members of the Wellesley Police Department were on hand to meet the students at their safety spot to reinforce that the adults, including the police are here to keep students safe. 

As a district and in collaboration with the Wellesley Police Department, we have worked to develop age-appropriate safety drills for the students. Our message continues to be that school is a safe place. During the drill every person has a job. The adults’ job is to keep children safe. The students’ job is to listen and follow the directions of the adult.  

We feel strongly that having staff and students familiar with how to exit the building quickly into the surrounding neighborhood enhances our safety awareness. The students and teachers are commended for the excellent job they did this morning!

Thank you for your support.



Emergency Drill Slides 

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