Dear Hunewell,

At last week’s All-School Meeting, we came together for the premier of “Be Proactive” produced and starring, Katie Dexter, Heather Forsythe, Kevin Vacaro, Malva Gourdett and Vesta Kosmo. For your viewing pleasure, it is available at this link.

Each classroom was also asked to share one example of how anyone could Be Proactive. 

KK: “If someone drops a book, I will pick it up.” 

KM: “When someone new comes, you should reach out to them and ask them to play or to be friends.”  

1B: “If you see a student drop his backpack/belongings, you should help by picking it up for him.”  

1C: “You choose what to do.  Other people don’t.”  

2C: “If something is hard, don’t give up, keep at it.” 

2K: “If you are new to a situation, introduce yourself.” 

3D:  “When you ask a couple of people to play a game, and they’re not able to, find a game you can play by yourself and have fun anyway.”   

3M:  “Have fun at the museum even if you didn’t want to go.” 

4G:  “When I first got to Hunnewell, as a Kindergartener, I walked in smiling and met as many new people as I could.”  

4P: If someone goes in front of you in line, don’t make a big deal out of it, just let them go.”  

5H: “Being proactive means asking for help when you need it.” 

5S: “If you are pitching and don’t get the final out in the game, you can go back and practice harder for the next game.” 

At yesterday’s All-School Meeting, we took a few minutes to reflect on places and occasions when we are successful at being proactive and on places and times where we could be better at being proactive. We are incorporating this language throughout the day, and we appreciate all you do to encourage your child/ren to be proactive.







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